The Dakota Violet EP

This 18-minute, 4 song EP is a precursor to the full-length LP which will be released within 2 months. The album is being written based on the character Dakota Violet - a futuristic, femme fatale cyborg capable of both love and revenge.

Compared to Undercurrent and the Afterlife EP, Dakota Violet features songs that are on the level of Undercurrent regarding complexity - perhaps superseding on the drum tracks, and some slower electro ballads on the level of Afterlife. The EP has an unmistakable female sentiment and may be re-released in the future featuring female vocals. The LP will be even more diverse with 12 songs at over an hour in length. I'm certainly looking forward to it, as should you.

See attribution information below. No attribution is necessary if you are simply listening to the album for the sake of enjoying some music.

These tracks are licensed for use in games, film and other media projects under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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