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Sound Scapes Now Available As Loops

All 15 collections totaling 309 Sound Scapes are now available as both 3:00 fade-in/fade-out sounds and as infinitely repeating loops. In addition, all single scapes and loops are available in MP3, FLAC and uncompressed .wav files. The uncompressed .wav files are available on accessible Google Drive directories both individually as well as a zip file of each collection.

Basically, what this means is that you can create "audio environments" or "audio atmospheres" that continue indefinitely. This can be very useful in games, film, and even things like meditation or just background audio that you can listen to while you work. But game development is where this really shines.

Game developers: since these are mostly ambient audio atmospheres, there is no "beat" to start the loop. This will make it necessary to fade in the loop, let it continue until the situation changes and then fade out the audio. So if your character wants to hang out in an area for a while, the audio atmosphere will appear natural and non-repetitive. Once something happens - the character moves, an enemy enters - you can cross-fade in another Sound Scape loop, or a music loop, sound effects, whatever.

If you want to download the uncompressed .wav files, all you have to do is have a Google account and be signed in to that account, and you will automatically be brought to you Google Drive page. Just so you know, if you have a Google account, you automatically have a Google Drive account where you have 15 gigs of storage. However, these are shared folders which anyone can access if they have the link, so that does not count toward your storage.

I am currently working on looping all other songs on the entire site. Expect those to be available by September 7. I'm particularly excited about these loops because each song will have multiple loops. Not only will the entire song be looped, but each unique section (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.) will be looped as well. This means you'll have perhaps 3 to 7 loops per song!

Happy Looping!

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