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About Echo Blue Music


Hey everyone. My name is Devynn. I am the owner of Echo Blue Music. I am also a one-man show. I'm the sole composer, producer, sound engineer and creator of all Echo Blue Music and sounds. When you deal with Echo Blue Music, you deal with me, and only me.

Echo Blue Music is a resource for indie artists like me. Whether you're a game developer, film producer, podcast creator or require music for your media project, you've come to the right place. You will find a plethora of music and sounds in a wide variety of genres. I'm confident you'll find something that will suit your musical needs.

If you want to brand your game, film or project with music written for you and you alone, I also work one-on-one with other indie artists. If your music budget is 0, that's okay. I'm able to work on consignment, as well as for attribution alone (see the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License). This means if you don't make any money, neither do I, and I'm fine with that. Working with my fellow indie artists is payment enough.

Albums, Music Collections, Sound Scape Collections & Sound Effects Collections Explained


An album is just what it sounds like - an album - a collection of songs produced as a single unit. You may download one or all of the songs from an Echo Blue Album simply to enjoy the music. You may also use one or more of the songs contained within any Album in your game, film or other media project. You can use part of a song or the entire song. It's up to you.


Generally speaking, Echo Blue albums will be of the Electronic Instrumental variety. You can expect to hear everything from Synthwave to Dance music; Ambient to Downtempo; IDM/EDM to Experimental and more.

I find that songs within this category are good for many aspects of games and film, trailers, podcast intros or outros, and many other uses. For music that sets the audio environment of a game or film, the collections (explained below) are where you want to look.


Unlike an album, the songs within Echo Blue Music Collections are released incrementally so the number of songs within a collection gradually increases over time. The songs themselves differ from your standard pop song as they are generally shorter - anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. In addition to length, they differ musically. These arrangements are usually non-repeating and do not follow a verse/chorus format.

Also unlike Echo Blue Albums, Music Collections cover many more genres of music including Orchestral, Cinematic, Ambient and so much more. In essence, Music Collections are based on "moods" or "feelings" and often contain many genres within a single collection.

Here you will find excellent music for in-game play and most aspects of film. These diverse pieces of music can be used for just about anything.


Echo Blue Sound Scape Collecitons are much like Music Collections except that they do not contain music per se, but atonal arrangements that are meant to enhance visual or audio environments. As with all collections, pieces are added incrementally. The length will vary similarly to that of Music Collections.

These Sound Scapes are tailor-made to be used to set in the background. Think of a character exploring a dark cave in a game, or the protagonist in a film is having a strange dream about other-worldly happenings. Or perhaps you want to give some depth to your podcast.

You may want an audio texture to repeat indefinitely so Sound Scapes will be provided with loop points upon request. Simply contact me and I will go through the process with you.


Echo Blue Effects Collections: explosions, alien weapons fire, dungeon creaks, wobbles, whirls, clanking metal, pings and pongs, unnatural elements, impacts upon impacts, dings, horror sounds, fantasy sounds, sci-fi sounds, monster sounds, spaceships, warp drive, crashes, scary sounds, good sounds and bad sounds. You get the idea.

These effects are single shot effects meaning that they are generally under 10 seconds - sometimes 1 second - sometimes 20. They are grouped together by the type of sound effect. Explosions with explosions, sci-fi with sci-fi. These are the sounds you'll use mostly for games.

I will be taking requests, so if you don't hear the sound effects you need, tell me and I'll get right on it. These collections will grow rather quickly if you let me know what you need. So don't be shy.


A Brief History:

Echo Blue started out like any other band/project/solo act - I wanted to compose excellent music and share it with the world. In 2012, I decided to return to my 80's Synth Pop roots but with a modern edge. Heavily influenced by New Wave, Alt Rock, Jazz, Orchestral and Experimental music, I knew this was going to be a fusion of sorts. You will hear much of my synth and electronic music influences in the Albums, and many other influences in the Music Collections.

I have always been a fan of film music and realized that game music could be just as incredible. In fact, I realized that music was everywhere - in everything. I wanted to be a part of that. Having experience in sound design and engineering dating back to 2003, I decided to incorporate sound textures and sound effects into the Echo Blue project.


I became aware that not only were songs used in games and films, but sound textures and sound effects were just as important. The ambient sounds that you hear during game exploration; these sound effects are used to enhance user experience in both games and film. I wanted all of this to be a part of Echo Blue Music.

So that's where we are right now. I have created this site to provide music and sound to developers and producers who may not have a huge budget, or a budget at all. There are plenty of music and sound effects libraries out there, but they are either prohibitively expensive or, the free ones are generally of poor quality. I envisioned a resource that could both be free and of excellent quality.

These tracks are licensed for use in games, film and other medio projects under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

For attribution instructions please click here.

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