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While I have no problem creating hundreds and eventually thousands of songs and sounds free for the world to use, when it comes to creating exclusive content, it only makes sense that I will have to charge a small fee.

Now this fee all depends on the length of the song, the complexity of the song, the number of songs... You get the idea. But to be completely honest, the main factor in determining a fee is your budget and how you are using Echo Blue Music.

In fact, money isn't the only form of payment I will expect. If you are quite literally broke, we still may be able to work something out, such as Social Media Marketing, a more prominent attribution, etc.

So if you need exclusive music to brand your game or use in a film, please do contact me. The more details you give me regarding your project, the more quickly things will go, so be as verbose as you want. In fact, I encourage it. Good luck with you projects and I hope to hear from you soon!

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