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Let me be clear, thus the larger font. Every song, sound scape, piece of music and sound effect on Echo Blue Music is FREE. That's that. No catches (besides attribution), no stipulations. It's just free. Listen to it, use it in your games. Use it in your film and make a million bucks.

Back to smaller print... All that being said, let's just say I'm an indie artist just like yourself, and usually, indie artists aren't driving sports cars, living in mansions or wearing lots of gold jewelry. That is to say, I'm not rich and this project of mine takes a LOT OF TIME! I'm talking hundreds upon hundreds of hours. That's not to say I don't enjoy creating music and sound. I do and it's my life.

This is the point where I humbly ask you, if you have the means, to make a small donation so that I may build this library into an empire of music and sound! My goal here is to create not only the largest asset for game devs, film makers and media creators, but to build the highest quality and most evocative library of assets on the internet.

Back to the larger font. I also want to be clear that there is no guilt tripping here. I've used plenty of free resources and declined to donate, so it would be quite hypocritical for me to try to guilt you into giving me your hard-earned money.

But just in case you do want to donate, you are able to do so by clicking the button below which will lead you to a PayPal window where you can donate any amount of money. You can donate with your credit card, in which case you DO NOT need to login to your PayPal account, or you can pay with your PayPal account. There is also a donation button in the header at the top of each page. Thank you for your charity!!!

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