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New Major Site Updates

There have been some updates to Echo Blue Music. I'll break down the new features, functionality and information below.

1. Donations Button. There is now a way to donate (if you so desire) toward the cause of building the largest and highest quality music and sound asset library for games and film on the internet.

Click this button in the header at the top of each page to the left of the social media icons.

2. New informaton page covering Attributions, Custom Music and Donations. Instead of cluttering up each page, I've consolidated much of the Attribution and Custom Music information on its own page, as well as giving you my honest opinion on donations.

Click this button in the header at the top of the page directly below the social media icons. All the information you need concerning Attributions, Donations and Custom music is spelled out on this page.

3. Social Media icons. As you may have noticed, the social media icons in the header are increasing in number and will continue to increase. Soon there will be links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest as well as the BandCamp and Patreon marketplaces.

4. More Sound Scapes! Two new collections have been added: "Dark Mysteries" and "Noises Of Terror." And there will be 10 to 12 more collections added in the next week or so totaling over 300 sound scapes.

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