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Now Creating Sound Effects!

Now that I have completed (for now) the Sound Scapes, I'm diligently working on Sound Effects such as explosions, weapons fire, interactive sounds and so much more. I will be releasing Sound Effects Collections incrementally starting with Weapons Fire, since this is the most requested sound effect.

Though I have a plethora of raw material I'm working with, and even more ideas on the horizon, I could use some guidance.

As game developers and film producers, you know what you need more than I. So, I shall make a request...


Seriously, give me some suggestions. It could be 2 or 3 effects you've been looking for and can't find, or you could give me a list of a hundred effects you'd like to use in your productions.

I'll be linking to this blog entry from Facebook and Twitter so you can list your suggestions on those platforms or in the comments sections below. I look forward to your crazy ideas! Thanks.

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