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Now Live: 309 Sound Scapes

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

I have just posted the remaining Sound Scapes for a total of 309 sounds in 15 categories. That's 16 hours of sound to use in your games, films, and media projects. Each Sound Scape is approximately 3 minutes in length and covers a wide variety of sound types from ethereal to industrial and much more in between. Below I will briefly describe each collection, but the best way to get a feel for each one is to put on some headphones and take a listen.


Strange Lands: 39 Sound Scapes

Outlandish, Curious, Peculiar, Distinctive, Unique

This one may be my favorite simply because it is indeed quite strange and was a lot of fun to create. The words above may give you a hint of what this collection is all about, but it's much more than that.

If you walked outside and heard these sounds, you should be quite concerned as you may have shrunken into the size of a quark and are now in a land governed by quantum mechanics with lots of insane and unpredictable things going on around you. You might want to think about waking up!


Alien Worlds: 35 Sound Scapes

Bizarre, Unearthly, Spooky, Obscure, Peculiar

Don't confuse Alien Worlds with Strange Lands. In this collection, you're still in the same dimension, just not on this world. Look for lots of drones, swirls and swooshes and alien creature sounds.

These Sound Scapes would make great audio atmospheres for really weird, mysterious and scary games. Or they could be backdrops for exploration game play when you're not specifically interacting with demons, devils or goblins... but you'll likely expect to be led to some scary creatures.


Melodic Scapes: 24 Scapes

Emotional, Impassioned, Moving, Narrative, Expressive

This collection is quite different from the rest in that you very well could consider these Scapes to be music. As the title suggests, they contain melodies.

I could imagine these Scapes fitting right in with storytelling games to enhance the depth of the story with emotionally evocative music. I could also hear these melodies in the backdrop of menu screens. But what do I know? You're the creator.


Noises Of Terror: 28 Scapes

Horrifying, Chilling, Scary, Dark, Frightening

As you might imagine, these sounds are not for the faint of heart and not for faint-hearted games or film. Besides the descriptive words above and on the collection cover, these sounds are very aggressive and have the potential to damage your ears... or your mind. So if you want to scare the crap out of your players or viewers, check out Noises Of Terror.


Ambiance & Trepidaiton: 20 Sound Scapes

Ambient, Moving, Disquieting, Ghostly, Ominous

Ambiance & Trepidation is a bit of a conundrum. The ambient sounds in this collection are rather disquieting (yes, I know that's the third time you're seeing that word, but it bears repeating). You may want to use these sounds to give a spooky feel to a game environment. Maybe this is what you hear when the fog rises, and you find yourself in a world with undesirable crawling creatures that intend to do you harm.


Dark Mysteries: 20 Sound Scapes

Haunting, Perilous, Sinister, Threatening, Bleak

Dark Mysteries like Ambiance & Trepidation except it is less ambient and dark in terms of timbre and tonality. Many of the Scapes are more minimalistic and could go behind other sound effects. Think of walking through a haunted dungeon being followed by its inhabitants. Perhaps you are caught on a shadowy deserted spacecraft. It might also be what you hear on the menu screens of scary games.


Lush Atmospheres: 11 Sound Scapes

Epic, Opulent, Massive, Synthetic, Wall of Sound

You could compare Lush Atmospheres to Melodic Scapes, sans the melody. These are tonal in nature and generally very full, thus the "wall of sound" description. This is what you might here at the final phase of a game or at a point of resolution. These scapes are generally not negative sounding per se but may have some spooky elements. And again, these sounds could make great menu screen music.


Bass Backgrounds: 13 Sound Scapes

Low Frequencies, Dark, Simple, Sinister, Gloomy

This collection requires little explanation. These are very simple sounds that are mainly on the lower end of the frequency spectrum. In fact, most of them are so simple, you may use them in conjunction with other sounds that lack bass. Or you might want to use them in an area where there are lots of other sound effects, or conversely, where you don't want much sound at all, but need something very minimal.


Angels & Demons: 13 Sound Scapes

Celestial yet Maniacal, Ghostly, Eerie, Menacing

Much like Ambiance & Trepidation, this collection is a bit of a conundrum as well. These Scapes represent both sides of good and evil or somewhere in between. You may not be able to pinpoint these sounds as positive or negative and that could be exactly what you need - to confuse your players or viewers. Or you may have a completely different interpretation. It's all you.


Industrial Scapes: 31 Sound Scapes

Mechanical, Noisy, Intrusive, Cacophonous, Discordant

These sounds are quite literally industrial in nature. These Scapes could be a good audio environment for an industrial area such as a warehouse or some other mechanical facility. I could also imagine these sounds accompanying a dystopian environment to enhance the "broken" nature of the scene. Many of these sounds are very invasive, so I'd recommend them if that is your intention.


Under Water: 12 Sound Scapes

Wavy, Undulating, Swirling, Muffled, Muted

This collection, sometimes, literally sounds like it's under water - perhaps like whale song, or its alien counterpart. I would use these sounds in scenes, well - where one might find themselves under water. I know, it's kind of obvious, but there's little more to say about this simple collection.

Then again, it could be sound emanating from space, even though we all know that in the vacuum of space, there is no sound.


Metallic Scapes: 13 Sound Scapes

Clinking, Echoing, Clashing, Reverberating, Ringing

Quite literally, Metallic Scapes was created with - you guessed it - metal. More specifically, it was created by hundreds of pieces of various kinds of metal crashing and clinking into each other. Yes, there were some effects added, perhaps some reversal reverbs, but in the end, this collection needs no explanation. It's metal making sound. Where you would use it? You're the artist - you figure it out.


Minimal Scapes - 18 Sound Scapes

Smooth, Clean, Graceful, Tranquil, Peaceful

Minimal Scapes is much like Bass Backgrounds, but not so much focused on the lower frequencies. And to be fair, Bass Background is likely more minimal than Minimal Scapes.

This collection is meant to provide neutral ambiance in many scenes and situations, or perhaps simply as background sound for a menu screen, or maybe the sound that comes about when your character goes to sleep - or - when someone is creeping up, ready to...


Lost In Space: 18 Sound Scapes

Psychedelic, Mid-frequencies, Cavernous, Resonant, Deep

As we've established, there is no sound in the vacuum of space. But it could be these are the sounds you hear when you're on a super creepy planet that is lost in space. The planet might not be lost in space, but you certainly are.

Psychedelic is certainly the primary feel of these sounds, thus being labeled as the first descriptive word. However, these ambient sounds could be used in so many ways, my suggestions would be moot. So enhance your visual environments with some super strange audio environments.


Synth Scapes: 14 Sound Scapes

Tonal, Synthetic, Instrumental, Electronic, Analogue

If you're a musician, you might understand the descriptive words a bit more than if you're not. Let's just say that these are tonal sounds that were created with both electronic (digital) synthesizers as well as with analogue synthesizers. Most are rather abrasive, but also ambient, if that makes any sense. As far as usage, I'm afraid, once again, I'll have to leave that completely in your capable hands.


So there we have it...

My attempt at describing, using words, 15 collections of sounds. A futile effort? Perhaps, but I went ahead and attempted it anyway. Please enjoy these (so far) 309 Sound Scapes and use them! Use them in games, films, podcast, YouTube videos, whatever.

As always, I have to mention that although these sounds are free to use, they do require an attribution which you can read about in the attribution section. And when you use these awesomely amazing sounds in your media, please let me know so I may, in kind, give you a link back on the portfolio section (coming soon). Have fun and go crazy.

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